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Saint Lucia Air And Sea Ports Authority

The Saint Lucia Air And Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1983, it is responsible for running the island’s two principal seaports, Castries and Vieux Fort, and the George FL Charles and Hewanorra International Airports, as well as the smaller points of entry: SoufriereMarigot and Rodney Bay Marina.

The Saint Lucia Air And Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1983, it is responsible for running the island’s two principal seaports, Castries and Vieux Fort, and the George FL Charles and Hewanorra International Airports, as well as the smaller points of entry: Soufriere, Marigot and Rodney Bay Marina.

Operating from modern headquarters in Castries, SLASPA was created out of the merger of the St Lucia Ports Authority with the Airports Division of the Ministry of Communications and Works. This merger has created a unique position for the island by providing avenues to generate initiatives to maximize the assets held in its name and offer value-added services to its clientele.

The organization is managed by a well-qualified team headed by a General Manager who reports to a Council appointed by the Government. Its mandate is defined as the provision of coordinated and integrated systems of airports and seaports.

SLASPA also has one subsidiary company, St. Lucia Marine Terminals Ltd which was formed in 1994 and is responsible for the management of the port of Vieux Fort located in the south of the Island.

Under Shipping Act No. 11, 1994 SLASPA established and houses a Maritime Affairs Unit, for the purpose of the licensing of ships, matters relating to the safety of crew at sea and for matters incidental thereto. Consequently, it is charged with ensuring the highest quality of services at its air and sea gateways, and as a result continually seeks ways to enhance infrastructure and human resources to meet current and forecasted demands.

SLASPA also works closely with the St Lucia Tourist Board and the St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association to mount effective marketing campaigns for the island of St. Lucia.

Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA)
Manoel St
P.O. Box 651
Saint Lucia W.I.
Telephone: (758) 457 6100
Fax: (758) 457 6109


Basis: Maximum take off weight in the Certificate of Airworthiness.

6, 000 lbs or less – $20.00 per landing

6, 001 – 50, 000 lbs – $3.50 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof

50, 001 – 350, 000 lbs – $3.60 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof

Above 350, 000 lbs – $1, 260.00 (350 x $3.60) plus $2.90 for every 1, 000 lbs above 350, 000 lbs.


Whenever an aircraft is parked at an aerodrome period longer that two hours there must be paid in respect of the use of the apron a parking fee equivalent to 20% of the aircrafts’ landing fee.

The first two hours must be free, thereafter parking must be per twenty four hours or part thereof.

The minimum parking fee in any event must be $10.00.


An extension fee equivalent to 50% of the landing fee must be paid by an aircraft operator for any extension not exceeding one hour to the operating hours of the airports. If in any case it exceeds one hour, the extension fee must be equivalent to the landing fee of the aircraft.

In no case must the extension fee be less than three hundred dollars ($300.00). The operating hours for Vigie and Hewanorra Airports for the purpose of calculating the extension fee must be 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.


12,500 lbs or less – $40.00 per landing
12,501 – 75, 000 lbs – $60.00 per landing
Over 75, 000 lbs – $150.00 per landing


A charge of $13.00 will be levied on every departing passenger.


A charge of $1.00 will be levied on every arriving passenger.


Rate of tax for destinations outside of St.Lucia – $68.00

Children under the age of twelve years are exempted from payment of Airport Service Charge


A permit fee of $100 will be levied for private jet operation.


Saint Lucia is rapidly establishing itself as one of the world’s major yachting centres, with the sheer beauty of the island complemented by a wide range of superb facilities catering to all the needs of the international yachting community. The island boasts three world-class marinas in Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay and Soufriere, all of which are official points of entry to the country.

Rodney Bay Marina is home to one of the world’s premier yachting events – the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), held every December.

For More Information please contact: 

Oliviere Cadet, Chief Pilot

Tel: 758-457-6133

Rodney Bay Marina is located at the northwestern tip of the island and is north of the port of Castries. This yacht marina is privately owned and operated by Rodney Bay Marina Ltd, and provides excellent facilities for all categories of yachts.

Marigot Bay, another yacht marina of international repute has had the distinction of being used as a location to film several scenes for various movies. Located almost mid-way down the western coast of Saint Lucia and south of Castries, Marigot Bay, is privately owned and operated by Discovery at Marigot Bay. This marina is always very tranquil and is a very safe haven for yachts escaping from turbulent seas during storms in the Caribbean region.

Soufriere, referred by many as the tourism capital of Saint Lucia, is home to the world renowned Pitons and drive in volcano. Located on the southwestern coast of Saint Lucia between Marigot Bay and Vieux fort, the port receives some commercial cargo activity but it is best known for cruise and leisure travel. The port has the capability of berthing at anchorage, medium sized cruise ships and can accommodate alongside most yachts and catamarans. The Soufriere Foundation and the Soufriere Marine Management Area manage the port.

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